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Very rare Lafreri School map of France by Domenico Zenoi, published in Venice in 1561.

The map depicts all of France, Northern Italy, and the Low Countries. Rome is in the far bottom-right corner and Wales is in the upper-left.

The map is based, probably indirectly, on the 1525 Oronce Fine map of France. It is likely that its more direct antecedent was Giovanni Andrea Vavassore's 1536 version of the Fine France. Although the map is reduced in size from those, it has all of the same information condensed into a smaller format. Many toponyms are written in French.

Unlike the copy by Pirro Ligorio, the title here indicates the author of the model map: Oronce Fine.

Per Bifolco & Ronca (2018) there are two states of the map:

  1. Imprint: Dominicus Zenoi Venetus Excidebat, MDLXI
  2. date changed to: MDLXIII

This is an example of the second state.


Bifolco & Ronca (2018) record the following examples of the second state: Atlante Aragona; Basilea, Universitatbibliothek; Chicago, Newberry Library; Londra, British Library; Modena, Biblioteca Estense; Roma, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana; Venezia, Marciana; Venezia, Museo Correr; Vienna, Österreichsche Nationalbibliothek; Wroclau, Uniwersytet; and the present example.

Condition Description
Trimmed to the neatline with margins extended in the typical Lafreri style.
Bifolco & Ronca (2018), 371, state 2 (of 2).