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A fine example of Moses Pitt's double hemisphere map of the world. Pitt and his partner acquired the plates from Blaeu's Grand Atlas and set out to issue and even larger Atlas in London. However, after 4 volumes, they landed in Debtor's prison and the atlas was never completed. The map offered here is based upon Visscher's World map of 1658 (Shirley 406) and Van Loon's rare Zee Atlas, first issued in 1661. The cartography includes California as an Island, a partial coastline for Australia and New Zealand, no land bridge to Asia from North America, small straits of Anian, no Great Lakes, etc. In 1680, Pitt revised the Van Loon map to include the dedication to Charles the Second and hearldic inclusions at the lower center of the map and added a remarkable lower scene. Fine depictions of Zeus, Poseidon, Persephone and Demeter are included. Immense wide margins and an absolutely pristine example of this rare English double hemisphere map of the World. Shirley 439, State II (preceded by the 1661 Van Loon example, lacking the dedication and coat of arms). Fine color.