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A fantastic separately-issued psychedelic map of the Haight Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco during its most famous era in the late 1960s.

The map is not signed, dated, nor does it bear imprint data. Its style is redolent of Wes Wilson and other great poster artists of that time.

The map refers retrospectively to the "Death of the Hippie" ceremony that occurred in the Haight in October of 1967. Additionally, it refers to "man's projected trip to the moon" meaning that it was made before July of 1969. It also shows the store Mnasidika, which was closed in 1968. Thus the map was almost surely made in 1968.

The map shows the neighborhood extending along Haight between Schraeder and Masonic, centered on the intersection of Haight and Ashbury. Many businesses on the street are labeled with counter-culture themes.

The real content of the map is its extensive essay expounding on the culture and history of late-1960s Haight Ashbury:

To the timid, walking down Haight might seem to be an impossibility, what with the panhandlers, groups of people rapping, the stares of the natives, and the uninhibited droppings of the dogs, but it is rather easy in reality. Just take your time. We have an almost perfect record of safety of tourists. It is only when the police get on a rampage that you are in any danger at all. Contrary to published reports, violence is a rare thing in the Haight. We do suggest that you handle your money with some care, since we want you to spend it all while you are on the street. We have two slogans: Keep California Green...Plant Grass and Keep California Green...bring money. The money you spend on Haight Street might well contribute to the defense of someone arrested for having long hair. That will not of course be the charge, but it will be the reason. We would suggest that those who are given to displays of temper and uptight reactions stay away from the Haight... they would not enjoy it. The natives of the Haight are peaceful, mostly loveable, non-conformists. Enjoy yourself, let your hair down, and LIVE.

The Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco is easily reached by public and private transportation. It is highly recommended that everyone use public transportation, since the traffic situation is rough. By bus numbers 7, 71 and 72 it is only a few short moments from downtown. This will take you thru one of San Francisco's most notable ghetto areas, the Fillmore.

If you take the bus then get off at Masonic, the entrance to the Haight. You can then walk at ease thru the area, ending up at Golden Gate Park. If you choose to walk back you can catch the bus again at Masonic. If not then you can walk up Stanyan to Waller-one block-and take a bus back downtown. That is unless you have decided to make the Haight your home while in 'Frisco.

If you insist on driving thru the Haight then you can go up Market Street and turn right at Haight, a few short blocks from Van Ness. This is a rather crowded street, what with the entire commerce of the area being served by this one street. At Masonic, the entrance to the Haight Ashbury area, Haight Street becomes one-way going west. Parking in this area is very rough. If you wish to park we suggest that at Masonic you turn right and go down along the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park and find a spot.

The essay continues on the verso:

Some candidates for public office have labeled this as one of the leading problems of the world, along with pornography. Dr. Rafferty would send its users to jail for life. At the drop of a hat, he would probably send them to the gas chamber.

It is claimed that acid damages the genetic substances of humans. This claim is made also for coffee, tea, automobiles, houses, and reading glasses...these latter items rarely receive their share of credit for these changes since the manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are usually members of the Chamber of Commerce and advertisers in newspapers.

The effect of acid is a heightening of perception of the senses; touch, smell, sight, odors, taste. For instance if you smoke you cannot usually smell the tobacco on your fingers...with acid you can. If you will stare at a strong light and then shut your eyes you can get a miniature version of the bursts of light and color that is part of an acid trip. It is said to bring people a lot closer to God and to enable them to see themselves as they actually are, stripped of all pretense. This is a frightening thing to a great number of people.

Press reports on the presence of drugs in crime is a figment of the mighty imagination of the police. The big figures of the value of drugs taken is various raids is nothing but funny. They will report, say, a $100,000 haul. This is something like a miner who just dug 100 pounds of iron out of the mine and claiming it is worth $100,000. And it is once it is converted to precision watch parts. And the haul of grass, acid, etc., is worth what the police report in a millionaires party where nothing else is available.

And so in the Haight the drug scene is very little different than is the rest of the country, except that people are more open, more honest about it. drugs the primary difference is in the honesty and the openness of the subject.

The generation in the Haight are aware that marriage as an institution is a failure. A great number of them are the products of this failure. There is a lot of talk about free love from the critics of the Haight. 'Free Love' is that love that has not been taxed by the state with a marriage license. As a matter of fact, there is considerable sex activity among the younger generation. And this makes the older generation mad because they feel they are not getting their fair share.

The younger generation has not discovered any new sex techniques, nor have they unearthed any new concepts of sex. They are merely practicing what they preach. Love. Sex without love is like lemonade without sugar...bitter. There is no prostitution in the Haight unless it is imported for the convenience of the most moral tourists who cannot make out at home...and we do mean at home...for it is commonly known that if sex is good at home there is no need to go elsewhere.

Oftentimes nudity exists among hippies...Since they were created in the image of their creator they find nothing wrong with it...and only those who have dirty minds can find anything wrong with nudity. Many will say there is a time and a place for it...The time is usually early morning and the place is usually the bathroom.

Since the values of prudery are not those of the younger generation they might seem at odds eternally... and it is well to remember that the younger generation has been going to hell ever since Adam and Eve.
A warning to middle aged, horny, well heeled men: take your money down to the Tenderloin, to Nob Hill, and to won't get you anywhere in the Haight Ashbury.

THE HIPPIE the fall of 167 some would-be spokesmen for the Haight uttered an edict: THE HIPPIE IS DEAD, THIS IS THE BIRTH OF THE FREEMAN. Almost a hundred newsmen were present and they gave out the good news to the AP,UP,INS,CBS,NBC,ABC,XYZ. And about a dozen hippies thought that it was a good idea. The other million paid no attention and went on living the way they had. Since the same people birthed the idea of the hippie. it seemed nothing but right and proper that they be allowed to say that it was dead.

And so merely as a matter of reference we will say that there are almost as many types of 'hippies' as there are brands of cigarettes, plus one that is a silly millimeter longer. Many of these are overlapping:

THE FLOWER CHILDREN: The press tells us that very few of these now exist. This is not true. it is a fact that, flowers are more expensive, but the idea of being concerned with beauty, nature, and non-involvement with the rat race is still much evident in the Haight.

THE POLITICAL ACTIVISTS...most of these are located in Berkeley. They run the gamut from hard core reaction to hard core radicals. The Peace and Freedom Party is the headquarters of most of the political thrusts. It has a large number of members in and about the Haight, but very little support. You could raise a better band of people for playing jacks than can the Peace and Freedom Party for their candidates in the Haight.

THE ANARCHISTS...they believe in no laws at all and want nothing to do with any party. Most of these are phony and want laws regulating you, but not them.

THE DOPE SCENE...this involves most of the other groups but includes the dealers who might not be a part of any other scene.

THE COMMUNES... these are groups of people who are bound together by life styles and usually a creative enterprize. The best known of these is Morning Star Ranch in Sonoma County. It has been the target of more harassment than any other. The owner has been charged with operating a organized camp outside the law. The only thing that is organized about Morning Star is the harassment. If they were organized the harassment would be minimal. They have been subjected to illegal search and seizure and destruction of private property the like of which has never been seen in this country before. In San Francisco many communes exist, some of these are sexual communes where children, wives, and husbands are held in common and all money and property exists only for the use of those in need. Some communes are engaged in business.

In your trip (tourist trip) thru the Haight it may be well to remember some old, hackneyed sayings:

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

"We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among these being life, liberty and pursuit of happiness..."

"It is better to give than to recieve..."

"The younger generation is going to hell..."

If you are looking for a child we would suggest that you contact Huckleberry's. This is a church sponsored project, raided at least once by the police, where juveniles can get a bath, clothes, etc., and where trained counselors attempt to bridge the gap between the youth and their parents. You might also contact Switchboard. However the best way is to stand on the south side of Haight Street on Saturday and Sunday and just keep your eyes open. We may suggest that if your children do not want to return home that you give them a written statement that they are there with your permission. It may save them a training in crime at the Youth Guidance Center.

EATING...Do not go to the Haight for dinner...eating is not one of the long suits of the Love Generation. Only a few decent restaurants exist in the Haight. The Drog Store (they had to change their name from The Drug Store, it is said by suggestion of the Storm Troops), The Haight Ashbury Cafe in the 1500 block, and the Russian Restaurant in the 1700 block and the Mexico City in the 1700 block are recommended. Anna's in the 1800 block and Bob's around the corner on Stanyan are to be avoided like the plague. The Golden Cask in the 1700 block has rather good food, however it is listed in many of the official documents as a gay bar. This should have no bearing on whether or not you will be welcome. We might suggest that you fix a picnic lunch and take it to Hippie Hill, and there, if you have sufficient food, share it.

PANHANDLERS...Some of the long-time winos from Sixth Street have migrated to Haight Street, there to join their younger counterparts in panhandling. You might want to follow the advice of the young Jewish philosopher who suggested that you "give all you have to the poor." However if you are a Christian you naturally would reject the teaching that "It is easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven." It is obvious that the city does not subscribe to that belief for they have laws against begging and at least one officer has been taken out of crime fighting activity to trap these criminals while he circulates in plain clothes.

If you wish to add to the enjoyment of the pan handlers then as you give them a buck you might tell them of your advancement in life, how you worked all your life, raised a family and children and how bad it is for them to ask you for money. This really gives them a charge. Some of them, you will find, have more money in their pocket than you have and also have parents who, like you spent their life working to provide and then lost the love of their wife, and children. One particular pan handler comes to mind... he is the only child of a Vice Admiral and is over the hill from the Navy. His father knows where he is and had just as soon never hear from him again...Another girl is the offspring of an Eastern big city political boss. After she has tired of pan handling she gets in her XKE and takes off to her plush apartment. She has nothing to do with the Haight Scene other than this.

DOPE...If you would listen to the critics you would be willing to bet that the Haight can exist only a few more days because all that dope is bound to kill them. But the critics have said the same thing about booze, women, and tobacco.

They usually belong to the claque that suggest that anything pleasurable should be either entirely forbidden or highly controlled...that is for everyone except those blessed with sufficient assets to be above the common herd.

There is no doubt but what there is a concentration of drugs in the Haight. None of it is made, raised or compounded there. It all is imported into the area. The various law enforcement agencies have so filled the air with bullshit about drugs that it would take days to even begin to expound the truth.

Putting it simply only two dangers exist from drugs: Addiction, as applies to heroin, and malnutrition as applies to uppers such as Speed. Addiction to heroin does not exist in the Haight to any great degree, that is to say that the incidence is no greater here than elsewhere. And the danger from addiction lies only in the fact that once a person is hooked he will do almost anything to get a supply. While under the influence of heroin he is a most harmless individual. In other words, the law makes the addict a threat to life and property.

Speed is similar in many respects to diet pills, etc., in that it gives false vigor to the user. Taking drugs in their order of popularity: Marijuana, Speed, LSD (STP, DMT, etc), and hashish:

MARIJUANA...this is, by far, the most popular. Names such as grass, pot, weed, etc have been given it to denote the popularity. It is not addictive...that is no more than Pepsi Cola, coffee, tea, or milk. The effect is similar to a sleeping pill to some under certain conditions and similar to alcohol to others under other conditions. With the one is almost impossible to become belligerent under pot. Altho there are efforts to change the laws regarding pot, it would be better if the laws just ignored the weed. The control of grass is going to be just as easy as controlling the lawn grass, or the crab grass or the jimson weed (a close cousin to pot). All the Kings Horses and all the Kings Men will never be able to control the weed...why even try... Users of pot rarely graduate to any hard narcotic, since grass is not a narcotic then there is no more correlation to hard narcotics than there is to a vanilla milkshake... You can take all the testimony of the various agencies on narcotics and flush them down your Finest Seat in the House for all their basis in truth... The enforcement people in drugs are probably the greatest liars on earth. Grass is by no means the only natural hallucinogenic. You probably have some of these growing in your yard at home:

Jimson Weed
Hawaiian Wood Roses
Common Sage
Morning Glory seeds

Current research indicates that the dried seeds of the Bluebonnet, the state flower of the State of Texas has a trip effect. In California it is called Lupin and grows wild along side the highways, along with its forbidden neighbor, the scotch broom, a highly touted drug.

And of course there is the peyote cactus, sold as a tourist item in most states of the union in the Woolworth stores, etc.

But the enforcement of laws against marijuana does give the police something to do, now that they have successfully won the battle against the criminals who threaten life, liberty and property.

SPEED...a variety of amphetamines...called crystal, hit, and a varied list of names...taken orally it has only the effect of keeping the user awake and active when he should be in bed asleep. It uses up body energy like a furnace does wood. The chemical, developed and manufactured by big name drug houses, is available everywhere. When it is dropped (taken orally) the effect is probably harmful, but only to a certain degree. When it is shot (taken in the blood stream) it is said to produce an effect of watching the sun come up from only 100 miles away. And the user is bursting with energy.

And the Flower Children will tell you that SPEED KILLS. The user.

LSD and its brothers, sisters, and cousins. has gotten more column inches of space in the media than has man's projected trip to the moon, or America's war on the Viet Namese.


One of the places located on the map is Mnasidika, an influential hippie boutique and meeting place.  Located below a wooden sign with Peter Max-style lettering, Mnasidika was opened by Peggy Caserta on the ground floor of Doolin-Larson in 1965 and remained open until 1968.  Peggy Caserta is credited with convincing Levi Strauss to produce bell-bottom jeans. It was at her shop that Caserta met Janis Joplin, who became her best friend. Jimi Hendrix also came out of the shop rocking his infamous style—bell bottoms and a vest.


This is the only example of the map we have located. We previously had another very rare 1967 map of the Haight: