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First edition of Nolin's map of Poland and Lithuania, first published by Nolin in Paris during the period of his collaboration with Coronelli, although not specifically mentioning Coronelli by name.

The map was based upon the work of several early authors, including Christoph Hartknoch and Szymon Starowolski.

Szymon Starowolski (1588 - 1656), also known as Simon Starovolscius, was a writer, scholar and historian in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He was probably born near Pruzhany, and died near Kraków. He was very prolific writer, left behind over 70 works, mostly in Latin. Some of them survived until its translation into Polish.

Christoph Hartknoch (1644-1687), was a Prussian historian and educator. Hartknoch's work in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Kaunas, and Vilnius, awoke his interest in their history. He wrote a comprehensive work on the Commonwealth spanning 300 years, the first of its kind. Hartknoch's extensive scientific body of works contributed greatly to knowledge of Prussia, Pomerania, Samogitia, Courland, and Poland.

Condition Description
Remargined. Minor restoration to top and bottom right corners.