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This rare map was issued in the English Edition of Herrera y Tordesilla's Historia general de los hechos de los Caslellanos en las islas y tierra firme del Mar Oceano… first published in Madrid in 1601. The 4 volume work studied the history of the Spanish colonies from 1472 to 1554. This rare late English edition, translated by Captain John Stevens, included this unusual map in Volume I of the work. The cartography of the map is unusual, with California shown as an isalnd, and a number of the early forts shown on the Gulf Coast. St. Augustin appears in Florida, an Ft. Pensacola, Ft. Bilocci and others other on the Gulf Coast, including an unnamed Fort in Texas. The map illustrates a number of the events and details depicted in the text, hence the odd configuration of the map and title. Among other things, a number of rare overland journeys are depicted. As the Royal Historian, Herrera y Tordesillas had access to many manuscripts and accounts which were known only to the Spanish and guarded with great secrecy, making this one of the fundamental accounts of Spanish explorations in the New World. A rare map, not listed in any of the standard references.