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Rare French & Indian War Battle Plan, showing the fortifications and battles fought at Fort William Henry on Lake George.

The key at the bottom of the battle plan explains the various activities of the French, English and Indians, including activities on a daily and nightly basis during the attacks. The plans were issued in Les plans de la guerre de sept ans contenans les batailles combats, prises de villes, camps etc. Frankfurt (1789-93 ?). The set is a retrospective of battles of the 7 Years War. Relatively little is known about the source of the maps or their makers, other than that the maps were apparently derived from French Manuscript maps drawn on the spot.

The map shows the French Assault on Fort William Henry under the direction of Lt. General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm-Gozon, the Supreme Commander of the region, who after arriving in May 1756 had launched an aggressive campaign to take control of the Great Lakes Region. In August 1757, Montcalm began pushing toward Ft. William Henry with a substantial force. The English anticipated the assault, fortified the west end of the fort and prepared for battle. The assault lasted from the night of August 2 to August 7 and resulted in a surrender by the British, under the command of Lt. Col. George Monro.