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Detailed map of the Western part of North America, illustrating Robert Greenhow's early work on the west.

The map provides a detailed treatment of the West, from the Hudson's Bay Company lands in northern Canada and Alaska (Russian America), to the Upper Mississippi and Missouri Valleys and south to Mexico and Baja California.

The map focuses on the topography and drainages of the major rivers in the West, also noting major forts and some of the major Indian Tribes.

In Canada, the trading houses of the Hudson's Bay Company are shown.

The map accompanied Greenhow's book, "The History of Oregon and California, and the Other Territories of the North-West of North America; Accompanied by a Geographical View and Map of those Countries, and a Number of Documents as Proofs and Illustrations of the History."

Condition Description
Multiple fold splits, expertly repaired on verso, with some small areas of discoloration. Archivally backed.