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1924 Kroll Map Company
$ 450.00

Seattle in 1929

This is a great vintage map of Seattle, showing a detailed early layout of the city. Many features of the city are shown, and the color scheme makes for an attractive view of the city. The map shows much detail including ferry lines, wharves, parks, industrial centers, and more.

Seattle is seen to stretch just past Green Lake in the north, to the area now known as North Gate but then referred to as North Park. Its counterpart, South Park, still remains in the south, just past Georgetown. Mercer Island is referred to as East Seattle. A little dock named Medina sits east of Lake Washington, and a couple of early roads exist in the area.

Hydrological developments around the Seattle area have always been important to the city's development and can be readily seen on the map. Around the Fort Lawton (now Discovery Park) area, a proposed grid structure extends well into the ocean. This was, of course, never built, and the upscale Carleton Highlands preserve their rugged oceanfront setting. North of Salmon Bay, some land reclamation projects would be undertaken, but historical references to this southern proposed reclamation are scarce. Another interesting hydrological observation on the map is the Lake Washington Canal, which had started construction in 1911 but would not be completed until 1934.

Condition Description
Several pencil notes in an early hand