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Rare map of the US, focusing on the Ranch and Cattle Industry.

From Nimmo's Report on the Internal Commerce of the United States.

Nimmo's book is held to be perhaps the most important of the cattle books. Nimmo's essay on the range and ranch cattle business of the United States is regarded as the best and most comprehensive treatment of the industry made to that time. It also deals with a unique subject, almost forgotten, a proposed cattle trail to connect up with Fort Griffin and Dodge City Trail at the Fort Supply Indian Territory and proceed from there by a devious route to the Canadian Line.

Texas cattlemen petitioned Congress to permanently set aside from the public domain this fifty-mile wide strip as a National Trail. Nimmo was a long-time government employee and statistician who commented on a wide variety of social and public issues.

This report is his most famous work, providing minute documentation and investigation at the pivotal point when ranching and cowboys were evolving away from open range ways.