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First State of Berry's Rare Map of Germany.

Large-format engraved map of Germany, extending to Poland and the Low Countries, by one of London's premier 17th-century mapmakers, William Berry.

Many of Berry's maps are dedicated to Charles II, however, this one was dedicated to James II who took the throne in 1685, which he held until the Glorious Revolution in 1688.

Berry's composite atlases are sometimes referred to as English Sanson atlases. In this case, his map of Africa is closely based on the 1674 Jaillot Africa (Betz 118), which in turn was based on the Guillaume Sanson Africa of 1668. Berry credits Sanson in the title.

This is the 1685 first state, with William Berry's imprint. The map was issued again in 1743.

Condition Description
Original outline hand-color. Two sheets joined as one. Separation at centerfold, joined with linen. Small loss to the border and just into the map image at the bottom edge to the right of the centerfold. Minor generalized toning. Good to VG.