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Decorative map of the world on Mercator's Projection. Includes some truly fascinating cartography. An early example of the Sea of the West is shown, referred to as West Sea discoovered and Sail'd Through By I Fuca 1592, with further notes at the mouth of the Sea, crediting Juan De Fuca and Martin Aguilar's discoveries. What makes the map even more remarkable is the inclusion of the Russian Discoveries in the 1st part of the 18th Century. A number of odd land masses along the NW Coast of America are attributed to Russian Discoveries of 1741, Captain Spanberg in 1728 and Captain Barnarda. De Fonte's Lake and a NW Passage are also prominently shown. Berhing's discoveries in 1728 and Lands discovered in 1722 are also noted on the NE Coast of Asia. North of Japan, Company's Land and De Gama Land are noted. Prominent NE Passage shown. New Holland is shown in the classic mid-18th Century configuration and only New Zealand's west coast is shown. A terrific world map from the great age of discoveries immediately prior to Captain Cook.