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Illustrating Norwegian Settlements In Illinois 

Rare Norwegian map of the United States from Coast to Coast, published in the first part of the 19th Century.

The map almost certainly relates to the promotion of Norwegian settlement near Kaskassias (Kaskaskia) in Southwestern Illinois.

The map has an number of interesting features, which give clues to its dating:

  • Mexico is Independent
  • Arkansas is a territory
  • Wisconsin Territory is no longer shown
  • Large sections of land are still referenced as Indian Districts, including Mandan, Sioux, Osage and Ozark regions.
  • Oregon Territory is Oregan or Columbia District
  • Texas is named and located, but likely not yet claiming independence.
  • West or East Florida still named


The map is apparently unrecorded.

Condition Description
Trimmed to neatline and mounted on a larger card. Even toning.