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Stock# 69552

A wonderful example of this mid-18th century English atlas featuring a wide range of maps by Emanuel Bowen, published by him in London in 1752.

Most of the maps feature Bowen's characteristic English Rococo cartouches and careful engraving.

Perhaps the maps of most interest are those of the present-day United States, in this case, made just before the French and Indian War. These include:

An Accurate Map of the West Indies. Drawn from the best Authorities assisted by the most approved modern Maps and charts, and Regulated by Astronomical Observations...

A New & Accurate Map of Mexico or New Spain together with California New Mexico &c... (with the small inset map of the Galapagos)

A New & Accurate Map of Louisiana, with Part of Florida and Canada, and the Adjacent Countries Drawn from Surveys, assisted by the most approved English & French Maps & Charts.

A New & Accurate Map of the Provinces of North & South Carolina Georgia &c.

A New and Accurate Map of Virginia & Maryland Laid Down from Surveys and Regulated by Astronl. Observations.

A New and Accurate Map of New Jersey, Pensilvania, New York and New England with adjacent Countries Drawn from Surveys, assisted by the most approved Modern Maps & Charts...

A New & Accurate Map of the Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Briton, St. John and Anticosta...

Particular Draughts and Plans of some of the Principal Towns and Harbours belonging to English, French, and Spaniards, in America...

The atlas also includes a series of regional maps of Africa, including one which has been recognized as being of greater importance recently, namely, A New & Accurate Map of Negroland and the Adjacent Countries...

This set of maps (or smaller series of some of the plates) was issued under different title from the 1740s onward. This title is rare, appearing only twice for sale in the last 100 years, according to RBH.

Condition Description
Folio. Expertly bound to style in ½ calf over marbled paper boards. 69 engraved maps (of 68 called for on the title, as usual; some maps with very slight offsetting, as illustrated). Internally and externally Very Good +.
Philips Atlas 614 for this edition; cf. Rumsey 3733 for the 1747 Complete System of Geography.
Emanuel Bowen Biography

Emanuel Bowen (1694?-1767) was a British engraver and print seller. He was most well-known for his atlases and county maps. Although he died in poverty, he was widely acknowledged for his expertise and was appointed as mapmaker to both George II of England and Louis XV of France. His business was carried on by his son, Thomas Bowen. He also trained many apprentices, two of whom became prominent mapmakers, Thomas Kitchin and Thomas Jeffreys.