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An Oregon Paper City

Interesting four-stone color-lithographed real estate promotion map for the city of Coos Bay, Oregon, a proposed settlement on the east side of the bay.

In this map, the City of Coos Bay is imagined as a counterpoint to the communities of Marshfield, North End, and Empire, all to the west of the City of Coos Bay. In reality, that city never took off as imagined, and today it is a small residential neighborhood of Cooston.

The map was prepared by F.K. Gettins, of neighboring Marshfield, Oregon, in November of 1906.

The main image depicts a grid of residential streets leading to wharves on Coos Bay itself. Many of the plots and blocks have been crossed off and colored-in in such a way that suggests they have been sold.

The left side of the map features a map of the West Coast intended to demonstrate Coos Bay's centrality to the northern U.S. Pacific coast.

The map is extremely rare, this being the only example we have traced in institutional collections or sales records.

Condition Description
Folding map. Some minor wear at folds and soiling.