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Interesting pictorial map of Culberson County, Texas, promoting investment in the area then being explored by H.J. Mullen.

The map focuses on the areas north of the Texas & Pacific Railroads which the promoter illustrates as being under exploration or active drilling b y a number of companies, including

  • Standard Oil of California
  • Pure Oil Co.
  • Humble Oil Co.
  • Deep Rock Oil Co. 
  • Herbert Oil Company
  • Central Oil & Shale Co.
  • Grisham & Co.
  • Sun Oil

The Fort Worth Interests are also noted.

The map notes that it is constructed from "data taken from a survey map - Culberson County Texas & showing approximately correct locations of subjects named - but not drawn to any exact scale.

On the verso, there is a simplified explanation of how to invest in oil drilling to earn royalties.