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This is a nice panorama of Mt. Sinai, created by the German publisher J. F. Steinkopf. The view shows Mt. Sinai, one of the highest points in Egypt and an important religious site. Located in the southern Sinai peninsula, the mountain range is a picturesque but dry place, as can be seen on the work. 

Mt. Sinai is, of course, an important peak in Judaic religions. As the location where Moses was said to have received the Ten Commandments, it occupies a prominent place in the Bible. The Mount today contains the location of a Greek Orthodox monastery (labeled K on the view) as well as a small mosque and chapel. 

Numerous features are named just below the map. These include Moses's Cave, the Sudanese coastline, and the Gulf of Suez. In all, this is a nice depiction of an important religious site.

Condition Description
Some toning and oxidation.