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Flag of the Republic of Texas!

Striking map of the World on Mercator's Projection, published by Ensign in New York.

The map is ringed with flags of the World, including the flag of the Republic of Texas, American Jack and American Commodore.  The territories in the United States are of particular note:

  • Texas is a Republic
  • Massive Iowa Territory and Wisconsin Territory are shown.
  • Oregon Territory extends north to 54ยบ 40".
  • Upper California is still part of Mexico
  • Mssive unnamed Indian Territory runs from the Red River to Canada

At the top right is a list of "Geographic Epochas", listing the major voyages of discovery, focused on the discovery and exploration of America.  In the center of the map is a list of recent discoveries in the Arctic by Captain John Ross, Lieutenant W. L. Parry and Captain John Franklin.

The results of early Antarctic explorations are plainly detaile,d with a lengthy note on discoveries in 1841.

Meticulous accounting of Captain James Cook's tracks in his 3 circumnavigations, along with the voyages of Wilkes (US Exploring Expedition), Vancouver and others.

Each corner is embellished with a decorative vignette 


Condition Description
Wall map on linen, with original rods. Mild toning from the original varnish. Minor soiling.