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A map showing the route of the 1968 Tour de France. This race started in Vittel, then passed through Belgium, Rouen, Nantes, Bordeaux, Pau, the Pyrenees, Perpignan, Albi, and Grenoble before finishing in Paris. This would be the last race to see nationality-based teams participating rather than commercial ones. The map is attractively presented, surrounded by attractive French advertisements typical of the period.

The race would be one of the first Tour de France to include serious doping controls. The death of the British cyclist Tom Simpson the year before due to his use of amphetamines pushed riders to demand stricter regulation. Two riders would test positive during the race. Additional new safety protocols including allowing riders to get water to during the race and the addition of two further rest days. Other general changes include the green jersey turning red for sponsorship reasons. The race itself would remain competitive until the end, with Jan Janssen outriding Herman Van Springel on the final day.

An advertisement for Honda appears stating simply "better than two wheels," appropriate for the Tour but perhaps not the most grandiose statement. Other advertisements for alcohol, the Miroir's upcoming cycling issues, and camping gear sold by Trigano (apparently still with just one location) can all be found.