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Interesting map of the United States, from A Year's Residence in the United States of America , by William Cobbett.

The map shows the United States shortly after the creation of Michigan Territory, Illinois Territory and Alabama Territory.  The treatment of the Indian information in the west is very interesting, with towns, villages, Indian lands and other details noted, especially around the Great Lakes and the Upper Mississippi.

Cobbett (1763-1835) was a leading advocate of parliamentary reform in the years before the reform bill of 1832, and also a critic of urban industrialization. He went to America around 1800 and established himself as a journalist, living in Philadelphia and publishing a daily journal, Porcupine's Gazette, under the pseudonym Peter Porcupine. He returned to England and published reform writings. In 1817 Parliament passed a power of imprisonment bill, which made it easier to prosecute seditious writing; so Cobbett retreated back to America, where he leased a farm on Long Island, continued publishing and wrote his Year's Residence, before returning to England. There were subsequent editions but it seems only the 1819 edition had this map.