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Stock# 68226

With the Large United States Map and the N:W: Territory Map - The Two Most Desirable Maps to Appear in Carey's Atlases.

This is Carey's expanded atlas, based on the maps from 1796 American Atlas (i.e., the edition with the large U.S. folding map) and the 1795 General Atlas for Gutherie's Geography. Carey's 1800-'04 General Atlases have same maps, with the same imprint dates (1794 and '95) as the first edition books, however, they add four very scarce maps: the Plat of the Seven Ranges, Map of Part of the N:W: Territory, St. Domingue, and Countries in which the Apostles traveled.

Carey produced the following editions of his General Atlas:

1800 (Yale)
1802 (P3535)
1804 (P6021; this edition)
1811 (Rumsey 4863) (The rarest of the pre-1814 editions. Not in Phillips. The last edition to use maps from the 1795 American Atlas and 1795 General Atlas for Gutherie's Geography.)
1814 (Rumsey 4577) ("The first atlas made in the United States to employ standard color on the maps... we have never seen any copies of a pre-1814 Carey atlas with original color... This edition is almost entirely new, with most of the maps reengraved."; effective "second edition" though not labeled as such - Carey calls the 1818 the "third edition")
1817 (Extremely rare variant edition)
1818 (Rumsey 2721) (Third and last edition.)

The book is priced "Ten Dollars" on the title page, or roughly $170 in 2018.

List of maps:

  1. Map of the World
  2. A Chart of the World according to Mercator's Projection
  3. Europe
  4. Sweden, Denmark, and Norway
  5. Russian Empire in Europe and Asia
  6. Scotland
  7. England and Wales
  8. Ireland
  9. The Seven United Provinces
  10. Austrian, French, and Dutch Netherlands
  11. Germany with the 13 Cantons of Switzerland
  12. France divided into circles and departments
  13. A map of the Seat of War in France
  14. Turkey in Europe and Hungary
  15. Spain and Portugal
  16. Italy and Sardinia
  17. Switzerland
  18. Poland
  19. Asia
  20. China
  21. Hindostan or India
  22. Africa
  23. British Settlements in America
  24. United States
  25. Vermont
  26. New Hampshire
  27. Province of Maine
  28. Massachusetts
  29. Rhode Island
  30. Connecticut
  31. New York
  32. New Jersey
  33. Pennsylvania
  34. Delaware
  35. Maryland
  36. Virginia
  37. North Carolina
  38. South Carolina
  39. Georgia
  40. Kentucky
  41. Tennessee
  42. South America
  43. West Indies
  44. A Map of the Countries situated about the North Pole
  45. Captain Cooke's Discoveries between the Eastern Coast of Asia and the Western Coast of North America
  46. Seven Ranges of Townships laid out by Congress
  47. Part of the North-Western Territory of the United States
  48. A Map of the French Part of St. Domingo
  49. A Map of the Counties in which the Apostles travelled in propagating Christianity
Condition Description
Folio (17 x 11 inches). Expertly bound to style in half diced calf over blue paper boards. 49 engraved maps, many of which double-page, some folding (complete). Very expert reinstatement of upper right corner of plate 44. Expert marginal and fold repairs to the final plate. All maps with early manuscript numbering, mostly washed out.