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World Map With An Early Explanation of Times Around The World

Interesting map of the World on Mercator's projection, published in Paris, which includes a description of the times around the world.

At the top of the map, a note states that the Roman numerals indicate the hours of different points around the earth when it is noon in Paris.  At the bottom, the map shows the time division according to the daily course of the Sun. 

The map includes several interesting features, including an ambitious River of the West, flowing from Lac des Rois (Lake of the Woods) to the Pacific Coast

The configuration of Australia is quite interesting, immediately pre-dating the first of Captain James Cook's Voyages around the World, which would quickly re-define the Australian and New Zealand coastlines.

The North Polar regions identify discoveries made in 1655, 1670 and 1690 in the north of Greenland, as well as the discovery of Repulse Bay in 1742 and the Russian Discoveries in the North Pacific Arctic Regions in 1743.


Condition Description
Minor loss in the lower margin, just touching the printed images.