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The Seldom Seen Full-Sized Poster Version.

Rare large format version of this decorative map of Mexico, published in Mexico City. This is the poster-sized version of the 1950 version of Miguel Gomez Medina's 1931 pictorial map of Mexico, which was reissued 20 years later to promote tourism to the country.

The map is one of the liveliest and most interesting maps of Mexico published in this pictographic style, with vivid colors and fantastic images.

In the lower-left corner is a strip of inset images showing the history of Mexico from Aztec times (with the eagle grasping a snake on top of a cactus in 1325) to "Mexico To-Day Paseo de la Reforma 1931". To the right of that is a strip of images showing celebrations and national pastimes such as rodeo, cock-fighting, bull-fighting, and Jarabe Tapatio the national dance. All captions are given in Spanish and English.

In the upper-right corner are images of Mexico's picturesque landscapes (including Pico de Orizaba) and its agricultural and industrial products such as tropical fruits, local pottery, oil fields, and cotton.

The quote in the corner is from William Hickling Prescott's History of the Conquest of Mexico:

"Of all that extensive empire which once acknowledged the authority of Spain in the New World, no portion, for interest and importance, can be compared with Mexico;-and this equally, whether we consider the variety of its soil and climate; the inexhaustible stores of its mineral wealth; its scenery, grand and picturesque beyond example; the character of its ancient inhabitants, not only far surpassing in intelligence that of the other North American races, but reminding us, by their monuments, of the primitive civilization of Egypt and Hindostan; or, lastly, the peculiar circumstances of its Conquest, adventurous and romantic......"

A note along the lower border says that Fischgrund Publishing was the exclusive publisher for reproductions of Diego Rivera's frescoes.