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The Soviet Union Eyes Germany's Expanding Airforce.

A fascinating pre-World War II Soviet appraisal of Nazi Germany's Luftwaffe airplane fleet, its organization, and geographical distribution. The main body of the image is given over to illustrations of aircraft in various profiles along with their technical specifications. At the center of the poster is a map of Germany showing the country divided by airforce precinct, with the national headquarters in Berlin, and regional headquarters in Konigsberg, Dresden, Munich, Munster, and Kiel. To the left of that is a diagram of the organizational structure of German aviation.

Clockwise from upper-left, the following aircraft are illustrated: Dornier Do 10 (C-4); Arado 65; Heinkel HD-37 (as with the Dornier Do C-4, the transliteration throughout the poster is hit or miss; here the HD 37 is written as "НД" even though that would translate to "ND", not "HD"); Heinkel HD 41; Autogyro C.30 (Focke-Wulf); Junkers Ju 52; Dornier Do Y; Rohrbach Ro V "Rocco"; Rohrbach Ro VIII "Roland"; Dornier Do J "Wal"; Junkers Ju 160; Heinkel HD 55; Junkers K 37; Junkers W 34; Heinkel HE 12; Albatros L 78; Junkers G 38.

The poster was published by the ИЗОГИЗ (Visual Art Publishing House) division of ОГИЗ, the Association of State Book and Magazine Publishing Houses.


The limitation notice lists a printing of 25,000. In spite of that print run (which was relatively small by Soviet standards) the poster is extremely rare today. This is the first time we have seen it.  We have not found other copies for sale, in institutional collections or illustrations online.

The map is one of several related posters, the other two of which were compiled by F.P. Konov. Our attribution was derived from that.

Condition Description
Old folds. Very minor scattered toning and foxing.