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A mysterious image of a NASA spacecraft component, most likely made for the Apollo program, pictured before finishing touches were applied. The image is taken through a glass window which reflects the hexagonal lights used by NASA to give a focused, shadowless workspace for its engineers. This lighting illuminates the component but shrouds the surrounding area in darkness, making it seem as if the spacecraft were floating. In all, this makes for a curious image that seems taken straight from the X-Files.

The lack of scale and finish in the spacecraft makes it difficult to identify. Judging from the rough size of the craft and its shape, it is possible that this was a component of a lunar module. Whether it was meant to be manned or unmanned is unclear. The use of gold foil to coat sensitive wiring seems to suggest that this craft was meant to be exposed to space-like conditions, though various other parts of the contraption look unfinished. All this just adds to the mystery of the image.


From the collection of a veteran of Boeing's Public Relations and Advertising Department who joined the company in 1961.

Condition Description
Some faint scratches on image.