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Finely illustrated map of the Italian South Tyrol and Belluno regions, illustrating the rugged topography of the Dolomites.

Includes a list of mountains and elevations along the bottom, with towns, rivers and roads illustrated on the map.

The present example is the reduced sized German edition.  A larger edition was issued, along with an example of this edition, in French.

Gustav Jahn

Gustav Jahn was an Austrian painter and mountaineer.   In 1895, he went to the painting school of Adolf Kaufmannbefore studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with August Eisenmenger and Alois Delug. From 1900 to 1904, he went to the school of Franz Rumpler.

His specialty is high mountain landscapes and then genre paintings of mountain life. He also creates advertising posters, illustrations for school books and catalogs, postcards. He receives awards and participates in major exhibitions.

Christophe Reisser's Sohne

The Reisser printing company was founded in 1873 immediately after the Vienna World Exhibition by Christoph Reisser (1836–1892), who together with his business partner Max Werthner named it “Chr. Reisser & M. Werthner”. After Reisser's death, the company was run by his widow Isabella Bauer, along with Werthner and Reisser's son Victor (1867–1944). In 1900 Max Werthner left the company and the second son Christoph Reisser took his place as a partner.  With the departure of Werthner, the company was renamed Christoph Reisser's Sohne in 1900.