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Scarce separately issued vintage pictorial map of the United States as Virginians see it - with Virginia taking up much of the country. The map was made by H.E. Smith and distributed by the Advance Printing Company of Alexandria, Virginia.

This humorous pictorial map includes geographic configurations that are positive about Virginia "Home of Beautiful Women, Fast Horses" and derogatory of the rest of the country.

Te map shows many major American cities as actually Virginian (Hollywood, VA; Dallas, Va; St. Louis, Va; Chicago, VA; etc.) but only shows two actual Virginia cities, Williamsburg ("Rockefellow Territory") and Norfolk ("Capital of U.S.A.")

The Great Lakes are captioned "No Swimming (Too Cold)" and the American West is "Desert", "Indian Territory", "More Indians". The Northeast is "Yankee Territory" and the Upper Midwest Is "More Yankees".

A note in the lower-left corner says: "Note to Yankee Investors: Save Your Confederate Money: The South Will Rise Again."

Condition Description
Folding quarters. Small stain in lower-left quadrant.