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Impressive Canadian Railroad Map Showing the Proposed - But Never Realized - Province of Kewaydin.

Color-lithographed antique folding map of Canada west of Ontario, published in Montreal in 1882 by the Dawson Brothers.

The map features the Province of Kewaydin on the southwest shores of Hudson Bay - carved away from present-day Manitoba.

The map illustrates the course of the Canadian Pacific Railway and other realized and proposed railway lines.

The Province of Kewaydin

The Province of Kewaydin was a proposed province within Canada's northern territories in the mid-1880s. There is little written about the proposal today, and not all that much from contemporary sources either; this is the only map that we can find with Kewaydin shown. The following report covers the proposal of the province and its relationship to border disputes between Manitoba and Ontario:


We find no examples offered for sale since 1956 (RBH).

Condition Description
Folding map dissected and laid on original linen.