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Detailed map of West Africa, showing explorers routes in the region.

The map shows the expeditions between Muni River Region (Equatorial Guinea) to Koanza River Region of northern Angola.

The map shows the routes of the following explorers:

  • 16th & 17th Century Missionaries
  • Tuckey & Smith 1816 route )Congo)
  • Livingstone 1854 route (Angola)
  • Du Chaillu 1856-1865 ( Ogooué River region)
  • Bastian 1857 (Ambriz-San Salvador)
  • Walker 1866-73 ( Ogooué River Region)
  • Compiegne & Marche 1874 ( Ogooué Region)
  • Bastien 1873 (between Congo and Quillu)
  • Gussefelt 1873-74 (same)
  • Lenz 1874 (Muni)
Condition Description
Minor toning at folds.
Augustus Herman Petermann Biography

August Heinrich Petermann (1822-1878) is a renowned German cartographer of the nineteenth century. Petermann studied cartography at the Geographical Art-School in Potsdam before traveling to Edinburgh to work with Dr. A. Keith Johnston on an English edition of Berghaus’ Physical Atlas. Two years later he moved to London, where he made maps and advised exploratory expeditions as they set off to explore the interior of Africa and the Arctic.

In 1854, Petermann returned to Germany to be Director of the Geographical Institute of Justus Perthes in Gotha. There, he was the editor of the Geographische Mittheilungen and Stieler’s Handatlas. The Royal Geographical Society of London awarded him their Gold Medal in 1860. He continued his interest in exploration in Germany, fundraising for the German Exploring Expeditions of 1868 and 1869-70, which sought an open Arctic sea. Tragically, he committed suicide in 1878.