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One of Hammond's popular maps issued to Americans during World War II to help the public better understand the progress of the fighting.

Here the company has featured maps of all of the major theaters of war, the supply lines of the Axis and Allied powers, and the approximate range of aircraft from various airfield complexes. The Foggia airfield complex is shown as controlled by the British, who captured it in 1943.

One of the most interesting features of these Hammond maps is the inclusion of blocks of flags of the belligerent powers (and in this case, the United Nations, possibly related to the "Declaration of United Nations" in 1942, or the Dumbarton Oaks Conference in 1944; the flag having four chain links, presumably representing the "Big Four"). According to the map: "These flags when stuck into the map can be used to indicate military movements, battle scenes and military occupied areas."

Condition Description
Folding map.