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Rare map showing the Indian tribes in North America, which appeared in McKenney & Hall's History of the Indian Tribes of North America with biographical sketches of the Principal Chiefs embellished with one hundred and twenty portraits from the Indian Gallery in the Department of War, at Washington.

Thomas Loraine McKenney (1785-1859) served in various offices, including Superintendent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. During his time at the Bureau, McKenney created a national archive of the American Indian, the first museum in Washington D.C. The archives included native artifacts, ethnographic texts, and portraits commissioned especially for the collection. As McKenney had traveled to the frontiers to negotiate treaties and hosted Indian delegations in Washington, he acquired a unique perspective on the subject of Native Americans.

McKenney completed his first draft in 1831 and asked former President John Quincy Adams to edit the work. Adams was the first in a series of editors of the work, the last being James Hall, who took on the project in 1836.