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Interesting large school girl map of the United States, drawn by Betsey C. Converse (?).

The main information provided in the south and west are the locations (and in some cases sizes) of Indian Tribes and American Forts.

Dating The Map and Identifying Its Source

The map is very similar to the map of the United States by William Woodbridge in 1831, including the following items which suggest dating and similarity:

  • Illinois is correctly placed relative to Lake Michigan
  • Arkansas is in its double wide configuration
  • Missouri is shown as a state
  • Northwest Territory/Michigan Territory configuration
  • Data for Indian Tribes and general configuration of map are similar to Woodbridge:


We were able to locate a Betsey C. Converse, who married James A. Putman on November 20, 1839 in Palmer, Maryland.  We also located a reference to Betsey C. Converse (Lyman), who was the mother of Henry D. Lyman (born April 12, 1852 in Parkman, Ohio), who would be come president of the American Surety Company.  However, this second Betsey C. Converse seems unlikely to be the correct person.