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Russian Map of China, Celebrating Communist Chinese Technology and Prosperity

Interesting Russian Pictorial map of China, published in 1959.

Tibet and Chamdo are already part of the China as the Chinese invasion in Tibet already took place in 1950. It is showing Taiwan as part of the China (although technically since 1950’s it was under Kuomintang regiment) and notes Hong Kong as a British city. The map includes vignettes  of technical advancements of modern China: showing dams, airplanes, electrical stations, ports, factories.

The map was accompanying the 1959 book Strana Khan: Ocherki o kulture Drewnego Kitaya (The Khan Country: Essays on the culture of the Ancient China) edited by B. Pankratov and published by Detgiz. The book was an historical overview of some of the China’s treasured ancient treasured culture, issued 7 years before the Cultural Revolution in China.

In 1949 the USSR recognized the newly created People Republic of China. The countries were supporting each other united by the communism ideals until 1960, when enormous tensions between the countries led to the breaches of all the trading and led to 1969 minor military conflicts.