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Promotional poster, advertising Yale's Vinland map, which at the time was believed to be a pre-Columbian map showing part of America,

The item offered here is an original promotional broadside, issued shortly after the announcement of the map's existence in Yale's collection.

Vinland Map

The Vinland map is claimed to be a 15th-century mappa mundi with unique information about Norse exploration of North America. It is very well known because of the publicity campaign which accompanied its revelation to the public as a "genuine" pre-Columbian map in 1965.

In addition to showing Africa, Asia and Europe, the map depicts a landmass south-west of Greenland in the Atlantic labelled as Vinland (Vinlanda Insula).

The map describes this region as having been visited by Europeans in the 11th century. Although it was presented to the world in 1965 with an accompanying scholarly book written by British Museum and Yale University librarians, historians of geography and medieval document specialists began to suspect that it might be a fake as soon as photographs of it became available.  Several chemical analyses have identified one of the major ink ingredients as a 20th-century artificial pigment.