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Large map showing the Crimea region, published to follow the Crimean war, published by Ernest Bourdin in Voyagé dans la Russie Méridionale et la Crimée, par le Prince de Deminoff.

The map includes Post Roads, Great Roads, Railroads, etc.

Includes inset maps of the Black Sea and Port of Sebastapol. the post routes are coloured in orange.

The present example is a rare variant, which includes an extra inset of the Battle of Alma, which has been meticulously annotated with battle positions and details.

Count Anatole (Anatoly) Nicolaïevitch Demidov, First Prince of San Donato (5 April 1813 - 29 April 1870), was a Russian industrialist, diplomat, and arts patron of the Demidov family. Born in Saint Petersburg, he was the second son of count Nikolay Demidov and Elisabeth Alexandrovna Stroganoff. He grew up in Paris, where his father was ambassador.

In 1837-1838, he organized a scientific expedition of 22 scholars, writers and artists (of which Auguste Raffet and the critic Jules Janin became Demidov's friends), to southern Russia and the Crimea, headed up by Frédéric Le Play. It cost 500,000 francs and its results were published as Voyage dans la Russie méridionale et la Crimée (4 vol., 1840-1842), with 100 original lithographs by Raffet, and dedicated to the Czar.