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Striking large pictorial map of the United States, produced for the Chicago World's Fair of 1933.

The map was executed by Louis Delton Fancher, a well regarded graphic artist for the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A & P), as a promotional item for the World's Fair.

This lively map provides a cornucopia of food products from the 48 states, with a listing of the products from each state and  colorful pictographs of the food production.  Alaska is represented with an Eskimo on a fish carrying a sign "from Alaska, great catches of fish." In the ocean are colorful sea creatures.

The map also includes classic racist caricatured portrayals.  The images of a Chinese rice eater in California, and the images in Louisiana, illustrating Blacks and Chinese, stand out immediately, along with the watermellon eater in Missouri (cajoled by someone above him) and images of Black laborers in the South illustrate the negative stereotypical images of the period.  The images of Black Caribbeans riding a turtle and being chased by a shark are also quite provacative.  

At each corner there is a small inset map of the United States, showing the distribution of poultry production, the A & P organization, grains, and meats and fish.

Condition Description
Minor soiling and foxing.