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Striking example of Bowen's detailed map of the Carolinas, Georgia and most of Florida, extending west to the Country of the Cherokees and French Louisiana.

The map is highly detailed and show many towns, forts, Indian Tribes, mountains, rivers, lakes, etc. Interesting annotaion on the Cherokee Indians, a warlike nation of Indians, which have joined in Alliance with the British Colonies and serve as a powerful defensive barrier against the French & Spanish controlled regions to the west.

A marvelous bit of pro-settlement propaganda encouraging emigration to the region on the eve of the French & Indian War.

Emanuel Bowen Biography

Emanuel Bowen (1694?-1767) was a British engraver and print seller. He was most well-known for his atlases and county maps. Although he died in poverty, he was widely acknowledged for his expertise and was appointed as mapmaker to both George II of England and Louis XV of France. His business was carried on by his son, Thomas Bowen. He also trained many apprentices, two of whom became prominent mapmakers, Thomas Kitchin and Thomas Jeffreys.