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The First Modern Map of France.

Very scarce etched and engraved map of France, published in the 1507 edition of the Rome Ptolemy Atlas.

The map is a marked improvement from the Ptolemy-based map of the earlier editions, adding islands, topography, many more towns, and in general much more accuracy and detail.

Before the publication of this map, the only printed maps of France in circulation were those derived from Ptolemy, whose cartography was by this point, over 1300 years old.

The group of modern maps to which this map belongs represented the first wave of modern cartography overtaking the Ptolemaic tradition that dominated the birth of printed maps.

The New Maps in the 1507 Rome Ptolemy

The new edition of the 1507 Rome Ptolemy adds the following maps to the previous compliment:

1. Universalior Cogniti Orbis Tabula. Ex Recentibus Confecta Observationibus
4. Tabula Moderna Prussi Livoni Norvegi Et Gotti Datia
6. Tabula Moderna Hispanie - Hispania
8. Tabula Moderna Francie - Francia
10. Tabula Moderna Polonie Ungarie Boemie Germanie Russie Lithuanie - Germania.
13. Tabula Nova Italia - Ita[l]ia Corsica Insula Sardinia Insula.
26. Tabula Moderna Terrae Sanctae


The new maps that were included in the 1507 Ptolemy are necessarily rarer than those that were included in the earlier editions. While we have had the 1478/1490 map of France several times, this is the first time we have had the modern map. Furthermore, this is the first time we have seen any example of the map on the market.

Condition Description
Two sheets joined, as issued. Tau cross watermark on each sheet. Shaved at the top with loss of title and some of the printed border. Some professionaly-repaired damage at the bottom edge, particularly at the outside corners, as illustrated.