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Published by a Slovenian Underground Partisan Press!

A fascinating Second World War propaganda map. This rare flyer in German and Slovenian was made by the Yugoslav-Slovenian partisan underground press to be secretly distributed among the German soldiers, in order to convince them that Germany was losing the war and give them a chance to surrender without the consequences. The map on the front shows Europe, marked with areas which were already liberated by the Allies, arrows pointing the directions of the current Allied advances and crosses marking the places where Germany suffered major defeats.

The text in German and Slovenian on the back quotes the German losses and legalizes this flyer as a pass for the German soldiers or officers, who want to surrender to the partisans.

The saying at the top "Hitler Hat Gesäht Sie Ernten", suggests with a red swastika turning into a cross grave marker, that, by sowing Nazism, Hitler will harvest the deaths of his soldiers.

Naturally, this map is very rare; it would have been completely unacceptable for a German soldier to be found to be carrying it. We could only trace one example of the map in institutions worldwide, housed in the National and University Library of Ljubljana (OCLC 898647164), but the example appears to be a proof state without the symbols printed in red.