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First state of this scarce John Arrowsmith map of western Australia, first published in 1840.

The map covers the present-day counties of Melbourne, Glenelg, Grey, Carnarvon, Twiss, Victoria, Durham, Lansdowne, Perth, Yorke, Howick, and Beaufort, in the District of Victoria.

The inland route shown is that Captain George Grey.

Perth and Swan River are shown.

Dorothy Prescott, in her exhaustive description of Arrowsmith and Stanford's Australian maps, provides the following note:

The states of the map are basically the same with the removal in the second state of the word 'Australind' from the phrase 'Australind & Port Grey'. This was an error on Arrowsmith's part as the location of Australind is just north of the present day Bunbury.' This means that it does not appear on this map as it lies south of the present limits of this map.

The second state has however several additional insets of harbours.

The main chart extends from the settled parts in the south of Western Australia to north of Shark Bay. In its middle latitudes it shows exploration for a short distance inland. North of 27°50'S only coastal detail shown until the Gascoyne River is reached at 24°50'S.

The area from 27°40'S to 29°30'S has been given the district name of VICTORIA.
The inset map on a larger scale is a copy of Grey's original traverse and much greater detail of topography is given.

Dorothy Prescott, "Arrowsmith's Australian Maps".
John Arrowsmith Biography

John (1790-1873) operated his own independent business after his uncle, Aaron Arrowsmith, died. After 1839, John moved into the Soho premises of his uncle and cousins. John enjoyed considerable recognition in the geography and exploration community. Like Aaron, John was a founder member of the RGS and would serve as its unofficial cartographer for 43 years. Several geographical features in Australia and Canada are named after him. He died in 1873 and the majority of his stock was eventually bought by Edward Stanford, who co-founded the Stanford’s map shop that is still open in Covent Garden, London today.