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1720 Georg Christoph Eimmart
$ 1,800.00

Decorative double hemisphere map of the heavens, embellished with the scientific models of the greatest astronomers of the Renaissance.

Fine twin hemisphere celestial map, surrouned by six circular diagrams surround the planispheres:

  • Tychonic model of the planetary system
  • Ptolemaic planetary system
  • The relation between the moon and the tides
  • The annual illumination of the earth by the sun
  • Copernican planetary system,
  • Monthly illumination of the moon.

The model of the constellations is based upon Johannes Hevelius's Firmamentum Sociescianum sive Uranographia (1687) and Sir Edmund Halley

The map bears the impront of name of Georg Christoph Eimmart (1638-1705), a Nuremberg astronomer.  This is the second state, with the imprint "prostat in Officina Homanniana".  

References: Kanas, p. 170.