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Interesting early map of the Route of Hunt & Stuart, 2 of the earliest American Travelers in Oregon Territory.

The map illustrates Wilson P. Hunt's westward expedition from the Missouri River to John Jacob Astor's trading post on the Columbia River and Robert Stuart's trip from Astoria to St. Louis. Wheat remarks "the map is reasonably accurate, and is an important milestone in western mapping."

Hunt & Stuart were perhaps best known for having discovered what would become the Oregon Trail, this being one of the earliest appearances of the route of Hunt & Stuart on a printed map.

Wheat 419.
Carey, Lea & Blanchard Biography

Carey, Lea & Blanchard refers to one of the iterations of the Carey publishing firm, which was the largest American publishing house of the nineteenth century. Mathew Carey founded the firm in the 1790s and brought in his son, Henry Charles Carey, in 1817. In 1822, Mathew’s son-in-law, Isaac Lea, joined as well, while Mathew retired. William A. Blanchard joined the firm in 1833, causing another name change to Carey, Lea & Blanchard. Henry retired in 1835, leaving the firm as Lea & Blanchard.