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Early Dutch sea chart of the New England coastline, from Nantucket to Nova Scotia, including both Plymouth and Boston Harbors.

This fine sea chart appeared in the 4th part of Van Keulen's landmark Zee-Fakkel, first published in the late 17th century. Koeman describes Van Keulen's maps as being of paramount importance in the development of Marine Cartography. Boston is named there and the area around Cape Cod (C. Cod) is very detailed for the period, complete with soundings and surrounding shoals. Nantucket (Natoket) is named.

One of the earliest obtainable coastal charts of New England and one of the most detailed of the period. The chart was first published in 1684. In the second edition (1687), the number 21 is added in the lower left corner. In the third edition, there is a number 21 in both corners and new shoals are added southwest of Nantucket, above the compass rose. In the fourth edition, a new long shoal is added extending southwest from Cape Sable.

An essential map for regional collectors.

McCorckle 684.2; Burden II 586 (State 4).