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Rare separately published map of Mexico City, published by the Compañia Litografica Tipografica S.A. 

This fascinating and attractive map captures the Mexican Capital when the city had a population of only approximately 500,000. Based on official sources supplied by the civic government, Montauriol y Ca published this fine chromolithographic map that labels every significant site and building throughout the city.

The key to the lower-right names 177 important sites, including Cathedrals, Roman Catholic churches, Protestant churches, public buildings, theaters, prisons, hotels, telegraph offices, casinos and markets. The vast colonial palaces and edifices, with their multiple courtyards, that were found throughout the city, are distinguished in red.

The city still largely followed the old colonial grid of streets, first laid out by Hernan Cortes in the 1520s. However, the first of the grand European-style boulevards, such as the Paseo de la Reforma, which are now a signature feature of the city, had been constructed, leading out of the old town. New suburbs or 'colonias' to the west and southwest are shown to be in a state of development, although much of the area surrounding the city proper is still rural and agrarian, as old canals traverse what was a reclaimed lake bed.

Vast sections to the north and northwest of the city are occupied by railway yards, which had grown rapidly since the first railway line, connecting Mexico City with Veracruz, was completed in 1873.

This large format map is rare. We are not aware of any other examples appearing on the market in the last 25 years.