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Striking large format map of Alaska, Canada and the Northern US, by John Arrowsmith published in multiple editions between 1832 to 1859.

This map shows, cities, rivers, topography, and many early place names in Canada and the northern parts of the US. The US, Mexico, Greenland and Russian America are also shown. The detail in the Northwest portions of Canada are substantially revised from earlier editions, in part because of Arrowsmith's relationship with the Hudson's Bay Company.

The detail in the Upper Missouri and Oregon Territory is also noteworthy, at a time shortly after the Oregon Question was settled in favor of the US and the Russians, French, and English presence on the NW Coast of America was in decline.

One of the best and most detailed maps of the period for western Canada.

John Arrowsmith Biography

John (1790-1873) operated his own independent business after his uncle, Aaron Arrowsmith, died. After 1839, John moved into the Soho premises of his uncle and cousins. John enjoyed considerable recognition in the geography and exploration community. Like Aaron, John was a founder member of the RGS and would serve as its unofficial cartographer for 43 years. Several geographical features in Australia and Canada are named after him. He died in 1873 and the majority of his stock was eventually bought by Edward Stanford, who co-founded the Stanford’s map shop that is still open in Covent Garden, London today.