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Whimsical vintage pictorial map of the United States and Canada, locating CBS Radio Stations.

The CBS Radio Stations are noted with orange dots, 98 in total.  Vignettes includes many period caricatures, including:

  • Cowboy on horseback listens to radio in Texas
  • Hillbillies listen to radio in Kentucky/West Virginia
  • Hula girl dances to radio in Hawaii
  • Rotund man listens to radio while drinking beer in Wisconsin
  • Steamboat with large radio on roof cruises up Mississippi
  • African American dances to radio in Georgia
  • Chinese laundryman listens to radio in California
  • native Americans listen to radio in the Southwest.

A lobster listens to a radio off the North Atlantic coast and a man lowers a radio into a boat from a lighthouse in the mid-Atlantic. A Mountie listens to the radio while patrolling in Canada and a man pushes a stroller with quintuplets (referencing the Dionne Quintuplets).


Evidently quite rare, we can find only David Rumsey's example.

Condition Description
Laid on archival poster linen
Rumsey 12079.