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Rare Early Promotional Pamphlet Focused on Los Angeles and Southern California.

Rare illustrated pamphlet focused on the promotion of Southern California.  The majority of the pamphlet focuses on Los Angeles City and County, but includes sections on Anaheim, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Alhambra, Ventura and other places.

This example includes a 4-page insert promoting the City Orange, the still part of Los Angeles County, with a two color map printed on different quality paper from the main text; text clean, unmarked, light toning.

Maps include:

  • Southern California map promotiong "Beaumont" in the "San Gorgoniio Valley" (then part of San Bernardino County) -- The Grandest Scenery, The Healthiest ClimateThe Brightest Soil and the Purest Water
  • Map of Alhambra The Most Beautiful Suburb of Los Angeles
  • Ventura County and vicinity
  •  Orange County

The Preface reads:

This Annual is published by Messrs. A. Phillips & Co. (long known as the managers of Boston and California Excursions), in the interest of their work, and to aid people in obtaining reliable information about California; also, to assist first-class people to obtain a cheap and comfortable trip to California. In placing our Annual List of Excursions before the public, we would say, as we are the oldest Company organizing this kind of Excursions, our motto is still 'Excelsior.'


Two copies of the pamphlet were sold at the Dawson auction in 2007; $ 2,500.00; $ 3,400.00.