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Stalag IV-B Prisoner of War Camp Mühlberg

Rare post-liberation image of Stalag IV-B, the largest prisoner of war camp on German soil during the Second World War.

The image is intended to represent each of the nationalities that passed through the camp, including female Polish soldiers. 

Built in 1939, the camp housed Polish, French, Belgian, Dutch, English, American, Yugoslav, Slovak, South African, Australian and Soviet prisoners.  In total, 300,000 prisoners of war of more than 40 nationalities were interred, located on the River Elbe, about 50 miles northwest of Dresden.

On April 23, 1945, the camp was liberated by the Red Army. 

Between August and September 1945 the camp was prepared for reuse as NKVD camp  using the shacks of Stalag IV-B. More than 22,800 persons were imprisoned and over 6,700 of them died until operation of the camp was ceased in 1948.

Condition Description
Soiling and evidence of misfolding.