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The map is based largely on Humboldt's map of Mexico, including his remarkable treatment of the Rocky Mountains and Rio Grande River basin.

The source of the Colorado is given in 3 tributaries, extending deep into the primitive western slope of the Rocky Mountains. The mouth of the Gila is inaccurately placed in the Gulf of California. Both Lake Timanogos and Teguayo appear, each with incomplete coastlines.

The fine detailed treatment of the California coastline is of note, with significant topographical detail given for the coastal range and a fine depiction of San Francisco Bay, San Diego Bay, the Channel Islands, etc. The depiction of San Pedro Bay (unnamed) is among the earliest of any detail. The whole is drawn from the Arrowsmith wall map of Mexico, but with a far greater sensitivity to the topographical depiction of the coastal range.

Texas / Louisiana

The detail of the map from the Platte River south to Texas is extraordinary.  Nice early detail in Texas and western Louisiana, in the decade prior to the arrival of Austin, including:

  • General Wilkinson's Camp (1806 Camp where James Wilkinson conducted a campaign against Spain)
  • Gov'r Herrara's Cantonmt. (Camp of Simón de Herrera y Leyva, commandant of the Spanish Louisiana Frontier at Bayou Pierre)
  • Ft. Adayes (Los Adaes was the capital of Tejas on the northeastern frontier of New Spain from 1729 to 1770)

Following the standoff between the Wilkinson and Herrera, the parties entered into the so called Neutral Ground Agreement, which was later continued into affect in the Adams-Onis Treaty.


The detail betwen the Missouri River and the Arkansas River is also interesting, including numerous Indian Settlements and:

  • French Hunting Camps
  • Flees Settlement (a "white colony" mentioned by Zebullon Pike)
  • Williams Settlement (named for Ezekiel Williams)
  • Futeneau's Settlement
  • Ft. Pickering
  • Ft. Jefferson

The map is reduced from a map by Pinkerton of the same name, also issued in 1811.

Condition Description
Toned. Trimmed at the top, with loss of the upper neat line.