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Balkans Related Anti-Nazi Propaganda Broadside Published in the British Empire

Fascinating WWII broadside propaganda map, published in India, in order to keep the local populous informed about the War.

The map describes Hitler's overtures to Tzar Boris of Bulgaria, Admiral Horthy, the Regent of Hungary and General Antonesu, Conducator of Romania and Mussolini's overtures to M. Kallay, Premier of Hungary, in order to form a Nazi-Balkan defense alliance against the anticipated allied invasion of the Balkans. The text of the broadside suggests a failure on the part of Hitler and Mussolini, noting:

Hitler's attempts to establish a unified Balkans Defence Army must be viewed against the background of guerilla activity, which has shown no sign of abatement in the past two years and conflicting territorial claims which hardly make for amity in the Balkan camp.  The temporary re-arrangement of frontiers (roughly indicated on this map) is still a subject of contention between the Axis Powers and their satellites.