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A Map of Siena By Its Most Important 16th Century Historian

Scarce map of the "Territorio Senese" after the mural painting by Orlando Malavolti himself in 1573.  The painting is believed to have been located in the Palazzo Comunale di Siena, but has been lost since the middle of the 19th Century.

The map was first issued in 1599.  It has been suggested that the map was issued in conjunction with the 1599 edition of Malavolti's Historia di Siena, but according to Roberto Almagia, the map was published separately Bifolco was unable to locate a copy 

Malavolti's work on the history and topography of the city of Siena and its territory is perhaps the most important and comprehensive of the 16th Century.  Orlando Malavolti (1515-1596) was born in Siena and held several public offices at home since his youth, later becoming an important official under the Medici rule of the territory, including Master Confaloniere in 1563. In the last years of his life he devoted himself to writing a history of Siena, the first part of which was published in 1574. The complete work was late in coming out and was published posthumously in Venice in 1599. 

The map bears a dedication by Ubaldino Malavolti, son of Orlando, to Baccio Valori in the lower left corner.

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